Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Sep. 8, 2014 yesterday I shook an apostle of the Lords hand

this past weekend was incredible. I have had the best weekend of my life. I have learned so much and I am so grateful to be on a mission. I LOVE MY MISSION. 

We had the opportunity to go to Oslo for a sisters conference and go to stake conference with elder bednar we then got to have a meeting with just us missionaries with elder Bednar. We had three hours with the apostle and his amazing sweet wife. It was great!

first  the sisters conference...... all the sisters came together on the Saturday before and we all had the opportunity to talk and chat and learn about how we can be better. It was fantastic and so much fun to see the sisters I truly have missed while I have been up here in the north with 8 other sisters. who I also love dearly but I miss the sisters in the south too!

the stake conference with elder Bednar was amazing the spirit was so strong and his wife is so sweet. They are just such cool normal nice good people. That was a amazing. He taught the first teach and directed towards all investigators there. It was perfect and we learned so much

Our conference with Elder Bednar was unreal. Him and his wife are so good. I learned so much. 

I learned we are agents not objects. God put us as agents. Because He has made us agents, our deep desires what we want are good. We can make what we want happen as we pray and act. God desires to give us the gift. We must just act and show Him faith to obtain the gift. 

As agents we will be inspired to help others in the way they  need. We will be inspired to help ourselves in the way we need.

Because we are agents we are loved, our spirits, our personalities are beautiful in the Lords eyes and because God has made us agents, he wants us to shine. We are enough and beautiful and loved. God wants us to thrive and to trust ourselves trust Him and trust others. 

We never need to apologize for who we are or be different around different people. We can be ourselves all the time. That is the thing I liked the most about elder bednar is that he was so real. He was just himself he called things weird and certain choices people can make stupid because they are just that. He didn't stand up there and act all spiritual because the spirit was just there and, he was being himself. He acted the same way as he would act at home. Elder bednar is just a cool person, his wife is just a cool person. They are both very real. 

 The only reason we are on this earth is to come home. Everything that takes us away from this mindset is a waste of our time. We do not need to be caught up with who had better clothing or who is prettier or who has more things. These thought don't help us to come home, so we don't need to think them. 

I was one out of a couple missionaries who got to shake elder bednars hand and it was so great. I am so grateful to have experienced that.

I love God. I am an agent. and I am on His team. We are fighting a winning battle.

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