Monday, September 1, 2014

Aug 25, 2014

This week has been great. I would like to impart something I have been pondering about a lot. 

spiritual thought

 to sum up a lot of who Christ was is He was available. He never was too busy for anyone or anything. He wasnt stressed hurrying and doing things. He was just him there being there for anyone and everyone. Availablility is also the essence of love. It is not so much the doing that matters but the being that is what people need. I hope that the people I love can feel that I am available to them

This week Bente is going to get baptized like really. She is so utterly prepared. i AM SO GRATEFUL WE could meet her and teach he. . We got like 7 people cancelling on us  and then we finally taught a couple who are from nepal and love God that was really great. Church was really great and I am so excited to see Bente get baptized. we are going to trondheim on friday and we are going to get sorbet with Majken a member in trondheim:) Also we are going to see elder bednar in 2 weeks. This week was pretty crazy. Like every week is.

miracles, Bente is getting baptized there is nothing cooler than that:)
the funny thing that happened this week

We taught a spanish guy with using only five words in spanish and he only knowing 10 words in english. I could say I wish I had learned spanish from my mom. But that experience was so hilarious that I am really grateful I didnt:) I will learn spanish when i get home as well as icelandic. 

by the way being here in norway has allowed me to develop a deep interest in iceland. I would love to learn their language, it is legit. 

love you all have a great week
sister c shaw

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