Monday, December 16, 2013

December 16, 2013

This week was full of being sick and sleeping the whole day. Eating advent chocolates everyday. This week was pretty much full of me being sick and my companion doing hardcore studying about  the ark of the covenant in the bathroom.


We after an appointment fell through met someone that we had met and received her number before. We scheduled a time to meet with her. We drove to her house and she wasn't home. We went to another potentials house. This is where the miracle happened. We went to her house we had a teach with her. It turns out her sister is in salt lake city and is married to  a man who is Mormon and she goes to church every week.  The lady we were talking to had a bunch of questions about Mormons. She is super positive and is going to church next week. She then invited us to a party she had later that day. We went to the party because it was tons of referrals. It turns out one of her friends is a girl that my companion talked to on the bus when our car was not working. My companion was not able to get any of her contact information. But we met her again at the party and will have another party with her and the Phillipinos in our ward. I know the Lord plans out everything to a t and it is amazing to see the Lords plan fold out while you are on a mission. It is so obvious what He wants to happen and it is amazing to see. I love it!  The way the Lord works is incredible. He just works in such little tiny ways to create a huge picture.

Spiritual Thought

Brethren , our destiny is not determined by the number of times we stumble but by the number of times we rise up, dust ourselves off, and move forward, President Dieter F Uchtdorf

I know that the way we can return to our Heavenly Fathers love is by continuing everyday to be unspotted from the world and obtaining again the knowledge and pureness we had in our first estate with Him.

Sister Shaw

Monday, December 2, 2013

December 2, 2013 - Kjærlighet (Love)

mine kjære søsken, (My dear brothers and sisters,)

Alright this week was a blast. It has been full of listening to the Lower Lights in our car. Driving to a city thirty minutes away from Sweden. Seeing Sweden. Getting free Christmas food at the grocery store. Meeting random golden investigators. Car problems, crazy dogs, and parades through the town of Sarpsborg. The sun starts rising at about 8 and goes down at 4. It is not too bad. The sky is so beautiful and there are amazing star gazing times when we go from door to door banking on peoples doors. Also a person we taught  in Oslo got baptized this week! That was awesome!

The Christmas traditions here are awesome it is a whole town ordeal!


This week as we were on our way to an appointment we stopped and talked to this man. We decided to meet with him later that day. We met with him and went over the plan of salvation. He took a picture of the plan. We told him he would get answers to his questions when he read the Book of Mormon. He said he would read the Book of Mormon. We met with him later this week and he told us he wants to do everything he can to get to the celestial kingdom. He is going on vacation for awhile. We will see him in a month. I know the Lord puts people in our path and there are people with open hearts here.

We could not find a place to park so we went to this completely random place to park. We went contacting on our way to our appointment and told this lady she could be with her husband forever. She started breaking down and crying and we told her we would meet with her. I know that nothing is an accident ever.
We met with our progessor g and she is really close to setting a baptismal date she just wants to know for her self that Joseph Smith is a prophet. That is really cool. She is way cool and is an honest seeker of truth.

Funny moments:

This week we watched the restoration film with one of our investigators, He has a dog that is super loud. So while he was watching it me and my companion were doing a bunch of different things to get him to be quiet. Like we would hold the dog down. We would throw the ball. We would pet the dog. All things possible. It was hilarious and we could not help busting up all the time.

Spiritual thought:

James 4:10 Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and He shall lift you up.

I know that we can chose fear or faith. Our path will always be secure and safe, it will never be more than we can handle. But we can choose to have faith in the Lord and trust in Him that it will be safe or we can not. We can choose to live in our own state of fear or we can choose to live in reality. In a state of faith.

St John 6:56 He that eateth my flesh, and drinketh my blood dwelleth in me and I in Him.

This week I had an "aha" moment. Where I realized when we partake of the sacrament we literally are taking into us Christs flesh and His blood. To know this is to realize that I literally have the power of Christ within me because I partook of the sacrament this week. It gave a whole different meaning to the sacrament.

I know in the end the most important thing is how our souls interact with each other. In the end the appearance of what we look like will no longer matter and the worldly things we once treasured will become corroded. The thing we will have left is our personal souls relationship with other souls and our souls relationship with the soul of God. This is the most important thing on earth.

With that note, I love you all dearly, I hope you all have an amazing week. Remember how much our Father loves each one of you personally. I forget all the time, and it is easy to forget.  But I love you all.

Sister shaw 

November 25, 2013 - Joint Heirs With Christ

Kjære alle sammen

Ok another amazing week. This week was full of grabbing bread and cheese on the go. Eating kebabs with the sister trining leaders. My companions birthday. Eating cheetos because my companion got a package. Accidentally staying to long at members houses. Not getting weekly planning done  because we are too busy. And hearing what did the fox say at the ward party for the first time. btws the band is from norway and the band name is the band members last names. Everyone in norway is obsessed with this band. 


An incredible miracle took place this week. I was contacting (talking to people on the streets) with one of the sister training leaders this week. As we were walking I saw this bright blue puffy jacket in my head and knewe that when we went around the corener we would see someone with that blue puffy jacket on and they needed this. I told sister landry to come with me as she tried to contact someone else. But then I realized this would happen naturally. So we talked to a couple more people and low and behold. There is a man walking his dog with a bright blue puffy jacket right as we turned around the corner. We started to talk to him and he has had some interesting experiences and really crazy hard trials in his life. We set up an appointment and have met with him a couple times since. He is very cool and seriously needs this message. He buitl a room for his son out of his ownm room. He gave his son a mansion room and for his son and gave himself no room for his own room. He was really proud of that and showed me and my companion. We have had some awesome memebrs on that teach with us. It was really touching. 

Me and my companion had the rellief society lesson and we did not plan at all (we had no time). The lesson was amazing and the spirit guided it the whole time.
spiritual thought

Romans 8:17 And if children then heirs; heirs of God, and joint heirs with Christ, if so be that we suffer with Him, that we may also be glorified together. 

I know that life is about happiness. But we also must suffer. We must feel pain on this earth. But it is the way that we can be heirs with Chrsit to suffer even a particle of suffering that the Lord suffered. I f we do not suffer with Christ we can not be glorified with Christ. We can not obtain the glory he has. Sometimes life is just tough, but it is through this toughness and suffering  that we can obtain the glory of God. I know that the times in our life that are the hardest are the times we are growing the closes to Christ and understanding even a bit of what He suffered for us. I love you all and I know the Lord will always be there when you really call upon Him with faith.

Happy thanksgiving!
søster shaw