Monday, February 3, 2014

February 3, 2014

wow what a week........

 so many crazy things happened this week it is insane!!! This week was crazy but an absolute blast. We got the news I am moving to trondheim. This is so crazy and probably the hardest transfer for me to take in just because I just love this little town. I love the people here. I love the young women. I love the ward and it will be hard to get to know a new ward  with the next ward up in trondheim. But I am going back to the city. I also love my companion. But I know this is where the Lord wants me to be. So I am putting my trust in Him.
my new address is
Eirik Jarls Gate 4
7030 Trondheim

this week was full of many miracles

We are sitting in the middle of relief socitey and I get this text from our investigator. hvor er dere? where are you guys. We had invite him to church many times and he had never come. specially this week we called him but he never answered the phone. We leave church and go to get him. It is honestly the most amazing thing that has ever happened. It was the biggest miracle and it was the best gift from God on my last sunday here in sarpsborg.

All the missionaries when we leave a ward we have to get up and bear our testimonies so I get up and low and behold one of our investigators that we have been trying to get to church for 3 months is sitting there with a huge smile on her face next to sister r. It was the most amazing thing. she also has been searching a lot of churches. and she told a person in our ward this was her last church she was searching for,

This was so utterly amazing. Seriously the best Sunday ever

with the most miracles ever. It was so amazing!!!
spiritual thought

lots of love søster shaw