Sunday, May 12, 2013

May 7, 2013

We are halfway done!  Norway I will see you in three weeks!  It is crazy to me that in 3 weeks I will be in Europe.  My teachers are so great!  I love them. They speak Norsyk so well and they also have such strong testimonies.  They are like the coolest people I have met in my life. My whole district is extraordinarily awesome! I love them all.

Happy mothers day on Sunday, Mom.   I am so glad you are my mom. Your love is so amazing and I feel really comforted that I know I have a family who loves and cares about me.  I love you all!!!   Mom. thank you for being such a fantastic mom.  Sometimes when I am really down I just think of you giving me a great big hug. I feel your prayers. I feel your love. I am so grateful for you.

A funny thing happened this week.  My companion wanted to sing in a devotional.  This meant that I needed to go with her.  I was still a bit sick with not much of a voice.  Sister Chapman said to nudge her if the cameras were on us even though we were told not to look at he monitor.  So, everyone is singing and they totally focus in on Sister Chapman!  I nudged her and, come to find out later, others saw that nudge!  Oh well!

I am feeling healthy.  I actually work out a lot.  We run, do kick-box, play soccer, you name it.   I've made a few goals the times we have played soccer.  It feels great to have a break sometimes.  

Dearelders are free and I get mail daily. So I would like some more of those please!  I love you all:}

April 31, 2013

Our P-day was changed to Tuesdays.  I am sick in bed taking a 3-hour nap on P-day.  I'm so tired!  I think it's some kind of flu.  I'm grateful for a day of rest.  You were right, Mom.  The MTC is a bit exhausting at times.  

April 25, 2013

I think this week has been the happiest week of my life.  I love the MTC.  I wish I could stay here the rest of my life.  The food is great the people are great.  I keep bumping into people that I know from school or from when I was young.  It truly is an amazing place to be.

Right now the MTC is 41% sisters.  There are 2 sets of elders and 17 sisters!   We have such a fun group.  My companion's name is Sierra Chapman. I'm pretty sure she is the best companion in the whole world.   She is so sweet, mature and funny.   She has a super funny accent she does that cracks me up when I am stressed out.  I love it!   My zone includes the Swedish and Dutch missionaries.  It's a great group of people.  We even play soccer together on P-day.  

They have the best food here at the MTC.   But ya they have such great gluten free food here.  Bagels and cookies and wraps. My exhaustion level is low. I am never tired I know it is because the Lord is helping me with everything. I proabably get 7 to 7 1/2 hours of sleep a night. It feels like I get 11. That is a huge miracle!!!

April 17,  2013

Going into the MTC with Kelly, Lacy, Lindsey, and Grandma.  I think we said good-bye in a total of 2 minutes.  Mom was on the phone saying good-bye.  I'm excited and bit nervous all at the same time!