Monday, November 11, 2013

November 11, 2013

Crazy week! Some highlights

We have a potential that I know I will really love. I am really excited to meet and set up an appointment with her in 2 weeks. Most of our investigators are widowed old ladies. It is a much different group than was in Oslo  It is interesting and I am still trying to get used to it.

The sun starts setting at 4 and doesn't come up fully until 9. It is really cool actually and very mysterious. Especially when we listen to Narnia music. It feels like you can feel the magic of this beautiful land. We have not had snow yet but we have had some thick frost. It got to be negative 1.5 deg celsius today. I am so warm in my cute blue pillow jacket. 

At church I translate for an american family. It is so perfect because I am working on building a strong relationship with them. They are really cool. 

There is a super cool lady with a nonmember daughter in our ward. We have been coming by and saying nightly prayers with there family and it has been amazing to see the change in the daughter. She asked her mom the other day if her skirt was too short. This is a huge step. It has been amazing to be with them  and there family because they are amazing people and I really love them. We got permission to go hiking on Saturday with her daughter so we are both really excited! They invited us for Christmas and we will be spending Christmas with there family so hopefully you all can meet them on Skype  They are so cool and I really do love them.

This week has been awesome I have learned how important charity is. In the end it is the virtue that never faileth. One day we will stand before God and our faith will extinguish and be replaced with knowledge. But our relationships with those around us will never be gone. It will be one of the few things that will be carried on to the next life. I know this is true. I love you all!

Sister Shaw

Monday, November 4, 2013

Birthday Week!

kjære søsken

Thank you so much everyone for the amazing awesome birthday wishes. I love you all.

My birthday was like the best birthday I have ever had it was incredible! Keep this in mind as you read the story.

It began with me talking my companions head off the night before about how scared I was to turn twenty. I didn't realize but it really is a daunting thing it is moving from teenage life to a life of responsibility of working hard and into a world that you have to make your place in. I was still really tough when I woke up.  I woke up and had gluten free crepes with nutella after we worked out. We began doing personal study and I asked Heavenly Father what I could read to comfort me in this scary but exciting new chapter in my life. I was directed to a scripture in d and c. It was amazing and I know the Lord really hears. I finished my studies. Then we had salmon for lunch. We went to a less actives house and she actually was not home. But we were both prompted to visit that sweet old lady that I said Hi to last week who cried. We went to her house and her granddaughter was there she welcomed us in. She gave us swedish candy. We just sat and talked with her and her granddaughter. She ended up giving me two pairs of hand knit wool socks and a thing of swedish candy. Which was like the best candy ever. I know the Lord wanted me to have the best birthday ever. This is why we were prompted to go to her house. After that honestly my day was made and it was all uphill from there. Seriously. I have my own pair of wool socks right now they are so cute too! I am obsessed! After that we met with a Jehovah witness who is not active anymore. But she doesn't practice birthdays. She got me the coolest birthday card ever though! Seriously! A Jehovah witness gave me a birthday present! After that we went to pepes pizza and we ate the best gluten free pizza ever! We ate ice cream too and to use our time productively we did some weekly planning and calls! No time wasted! Then the members in Oslo called me and it was awesome and my zone leader called me and it was awesome! We then went to a members house and they gave me the cutest slippers ever. I told her about my fear of growing up and how I have to act like an adult now she told me to just be yourself. So I have just decided to be myself  and hope that is good enough. We went home and I opened up the best presents ever! I got the coolest byu hat that is so cute and matches my winter jacket. After that me and my companion had a dance party. Also the day before a girl who is our investigator had Cheetos and she gave us a huge bag! we also got peach rings so i GOT  Cheetos and peach rings on my birthday! Best thing ever I was not able to go to Oslo. But I will get my package soon. But it was the best birthday ever! Seriously. Thank you for tuning in . I love you all!

søster shaw