Thursday, September 18, 2014

Septermber 15, 2014

Hello everyone,

This morning we took the time to go to the mountain of the Lord. We woke up and climbed to sukker top. As we were climbing up I was reminded of this symbolising of our personal journey to come closer to the Lord. As my physical body was taken to greater heights my spirit was lifted and I noticed that my thoughts became more clear and centered on Christ the higher and higher we walked. Not only that but I was thinking of a negative mentality I had and thought as we were going up why cant I just have this mentality? It would just be so much easier to stay the same. As we were walking up the path though I was reminded there is only one way to make it to the Lord and His presence, and even though it is hard. It is always more worth it to be in His presence. 

As I have thought and pondered more about Elders Bednars conference I have learned more things. 
I have learned that when we "perform" we are being objects. When we are just ourselves we are agents. 
When we compare and measure ourselves against others we are objects.
As agents we can reach the higher potential God has for us. We can serve Him and learn and grow at the pace He wants us to grow. 

This week we have contacted a lot and that has been great, but it mostly has just been great to talk with sister Hornback in between the contacting pauses when no one is out and realize how I\we can become agents for good in this world of confusion. How we can choose the future we have and truly reach our potential as agents in Christ. It has been really a blessing to take a step back and look at what is possible and realize the kind of person and the people I can choose to surround me as being an agent. 

Eirik is one of our investiagtors with a baptismal date and this week we met with him. He really likes his church so he still was not sure if he would be baptized.  We taught him that he is an agent. If he wants to find out this is true he can. 2 days later we got this text message... it is translated from norwegian so be patient...I am thinking over if I will be baptized in your guys church. I have thought about it and have not managed to defend my church. I prayed to God and said is this church sister Shaw and sister Hornback are so glad in true? and god showed me that your guyss church is true! I am so glad!

this was the biggest miracle from this past week probably the coolest thing that has happened on my mission. Hopefully we will have another fjord baptism:) 

I love √•lesund. I have learned so much about being a leader, we have to do a lot in this little branch, but it is amazing. I also have learned a lot about music. I have to help with everything. I even had to sing in sacrament meeting yesterday. I have gotten much better with my musical skills:) 

I know that I truly can change because of the atonement. I am an agent!

have a great week love you all!

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