Monday, September 1, 2014

Sep 1, 2014

We don't have so much emailing time so this will be fast. That makes me so sad because this has literally been one of the best weeks of my life. We had a baptism in a fjord we were witnesses to our ex brach presidents wedding we went to trondheim and I got a saving package from my best friend ashley.

1st we went to trondheim for zone conference I got to see majken.

2 we got to witness at our previous branch presidents wedding and I was the photographer! We were also bridesmaids. I am not exactly sure how legal that was but it was so much fun!!! I got to be a part of a wedding too this week. It was in a court hall but ya know marriage is marriage.

3 this week we completely ran out of money (like the whole mission ran out of money for some reason)...... We had absolutely no money to buy foods or any necessity. I mean for dinner one night I ate rice with peanuts and soy sauce and I gotta admit it was not bad. But ya we had absolutely nothing. After we got home from the exhileration of witnessing at a wedding we see that I got a package from Ashlee Rupp. We go and get the package and we open it and I just started crying because there is so much gluten free food in the package. I ate mac and cheese and annies crackers and all sorts of dried berries. It was the biggest miracle from the Lord. I know that was meant to come that day. 

4 We had a baptism in the fjord. Not only was it an amzing baptism but it was so simple and the spirit was ever present as bente made this choice to follow God. It was so calm and simple. I cant even put it into words. I am so grateful for bentes example to me and for her strong spirit. 

two things that I have pondered this week.

perfection is completion. When God sent us to earth he never told us that we should become more unlike ourselves or that we should rip ourselves apart. He loves us. The process of becoming complete is becoming more ourselves. If we are kind we need to use our kind intelligence for good if we are clean we can use the intelligence of cleanness for good. There is no way you can really change anyone or even change yourself accept if its through the atonement of christ. So we need to realize our personality is complete we are jut learning how to enhance our personality here on earth. 

Christ was sent so that we would be helped. He was sent because we cant do it alone. If we get done with life and we [don't] turn to christ and we have accomplished everything. What have we really accomplished?

Love is paying attention to and desiring to meet other peoples true neeeds and wants. Not your own wants enforced on the other person. 

I love you all have a great week.
this week I will see elder bednar

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