Monday, April 7, 2014

March 24, 2014

this week was full of eating home made gluten free boller so good! getting 50 eggs from a member in the ward. Making pizza. listening to the frozen sound track because one sister brought it. sledding bossing it with my new companion sister angerhoffer....holla...being a missionary so fun.
The coolest thing that happened this week is we got to go to the bethel church. It was amazing. The spirit was so strong and it was fun to listen to some rock christian music. I think the coolest part was that there was a bunch of Norwegians like college age who were just worshipping God. I felt the love of God so strongly for them and I know the Lord is well pleased. They are awesome and they are so amazing to take a stand in a world where many will not. They chose God.
I am not going apostate..... I know the church is true and I am grateful for the reverence and the peace that you can feel when you are at our meetings. I know our church is true and I know that the priesthood is something that is able to help others to feel greater the love of God and reach a greater level of happiness and love.
it was really cool to go to bethel though because we got to be investigators I realized what I liked and what I did not like in the way people were and how they introduced themselves to us.
spiritual thought
we will all meet hindrings in life but we must just keep swimming
God does not care so much about where we have been but just about where we will go and who we will become.
 also this week  I learned to not be harder on myself then God is. We take small and simple steps towards eternal progression. These small steps are what grow the deeper roots. Not just a hard thing and then you are done. It takes small trials again and again to make the lessons learned engrained into the eternities.

Our Father lives. He loves. He answers.

love you all
sister shaw
I learned to cross my eyes on my mission!

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