Monday, April 7, 2014

February 10, 2014

kjære alle sammen,

This week was full of contacting contacing and more contacting..... it is great!! Contacting is when you go on the streets and try to contact people to meet with you so that you can tell them more about the church and Gods love.

This is a great ward and I am excited to work with the awesome people here they are super great.

spiritual thought:This week as we were walking to a members  I was thinking of questions we could ask people to get them to stop and talk to us about God. As I was thinking I thought of the question. If your ancestors were here today and could see your life and what you have done what do you think they would think? As I was thinking I realized we could never ask people this, but then I took a minute to stop and think about that question myself. As I was thinking of what my ancestors and what they would think of my life right now, I realized that the things they would be disappointed in are very different then I personally would think. For example instead of the fact that I do not have the same cool jacket as someone else they would probably be more disappointed in the fact that I just do not realize how unimportant this world is. It just comes down to the fact that they probably would be the most disappointed in my insecurities and being mean to others and not treating my family members the way I should. It was just super great because it made me think of the true purpose in life.
this is very confusing but I would just like to invite each onr of you to ask the same question to yourselves. 

Also I learned this week that uysually when you are mean to someone and do not like someone you are pretty much making yourself miserable because then you have to concentrate on how annoyed you are.
I recommend that everyone reads the article in the latest ensign about communiation with your spouse it haas helped me to undersatnd how I can better sommunicate with my companions and t6hose around me.
trondheim is so utterluy beatiful it is just insane. I know I am not supposed to think this but it feels like I am on a vacation here I just get to talk to people about the gospel. trondheim is prettier than bergen,

lots of love
søster shaw

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