Monday, April 7, 2014

March 17, 2014

kjære alle sammen,

 wow we received snow half way through march these kinds of things just do not happen in California. It is so beatiful though and the best weather. The sun is brightly shining and the snow is glittering you almost get blinded as you walk out of the door of the apartment. it is amazing. every morning we wake up and have the best run. We fun along the fjord and past a church that is like 800 years old. it is just incredible. 

this week has been really great lots of learning we sent our investigator off to oslo for a week and she will be coming back soon. so that is good. a less active made me boller and it is super good. So right now I am eating this delish gluten free boller. I told her my mom would be so grateful that she made this for me, so i am just really grateful for boller. eh.......I kind of do not know what else to say. Life is really great another girl is coming to trondheim and so our little trio will get split up but we will all still be living together so it will be good. sister r will be in tromsø so we will be able to talk to each other because we are now in the same zone... good stuff....

some good quotes i wrote down....

our destiny is not determined by how many times we stumble but how many times we get up.

yet the world mocketh Christ He never lost the understanding and the significance of who He was and His divinely appointed mission.

when we are not being humble we are taking ownership of the bad us. Instead of letting God strengthen our weaknesses and let us turn into the good us. We hold onto the bad side of us. 

I am grateful I am here. I love God I love Christ amen
søster shaw 

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