Monday, October 7, 2013

October 7, 2013

Kjære alle sammen,
wow what a week! I am currently in a threesome with sister Hilton and sister Pyne and they are both awesome!! They are both megga foodies and we eat things like broiled salmon and veggies and caprice salad almost every day. A lot of awesome things are happening here in Oslo and the member work is totally picking up fast. It has made a significant difference in who we teach and it has been the best oppurtunity to work with these amazing Norwegian memebrs. 

Conference was  amazing and I really am completely in agreement with the fact it was the most inspired conference I have everlistened to in my life! I loved all of the sessions but I think the saturday afternoon session conference of session was the best. I love you all keep up the hard work. Lots of love'
søster shaw 

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