Monday, October 14, 2013

October 14, 2013

kjære alle sammen,

The coolest miracle happened this week. I was not able to buy a winter coat because the money from my account was transferred to another. I was going to get this really big ugly one that was like 2000 kroner. So it was way expensive and ugly. So then mom you tranferred my money so that I could get a good winter jacket. Then this girl in the ward gave me a jacket but it was more for fall weather. Which was awesome
but not good enough. Then one day me and my companion stumbled upon this sweet norwegian store called vero meroda. And outside it had the cutest winter coats I have ever seen for half off. We looked at them and they had one xs and it was half off the original price was ony a thousand crowns and half off it was only 500 which is like 80 to 90 bucks or something. Anyways it was just a very strong testimony to me that the Lord cares about everything. Every little thing matters to Him. Also as His children He wants us to look beautiful and just feel so loved. Even with material things sometimes because I really needed a winter jacket and He gave me the coolest winter jacket that I will treasure forever. I will hopefully send pictures of it soon!

We are setting up a harvest festival in the Oslo ward and we are all so very excited!! It will be awesome!! We have a new investigator  and he is so cool!! He is Norwegian and he has a lot of questions about the priesthood and it has been way cool to explain the priesthood to him.

I am enjoying life in greater abundance then ever and it has been a huge blessing to ramp up my Norwegian study because then I know and understand so much more of what people are saying! I am so blessed to serve my Scandinavian cousins! I know that my mission has eternal significance.

søster shaw

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