Monday, September 30, 2013

September 30, 2013

Kjære alle sammen,

Ok we have moves this week and guess who my new companion is? Sister Nicole Hilton!!!!! I am completely stoked. I think we will work really well together and get things done here in Oslo. We will be taking lots of pictures and sending them home for the stake to see. Hopefully!

Sister Hilton likes to run so I think we will run a lot! I am feeling healthier then ever before on my mission and I plan on eating a lot of salmon and drinking a lot of tea. Winter is coming though!! It is not as scary as I thought the sun still sets at like 8 or 740 every night so it is not too bad. I heard October is when it gets really dark. The members are inviting us over for dinner. They are the sweetest!! They were very supportive with our investigator  and comforted us a lot ! This week I had salmon, Chinese rice noodles,  and normal pasta, lots of veggies, it was grand.

These past two weeks have been really successful and we have  had a lot of success with foreigners that has been really cool. I am really grateful for all the prayers they have been felt in very specific and personal way. I really am just so grateful for all of you.  Norway is awesome the weather right now is perfect!! I am loving it. Love you all!! Something big I think I learned this week is how awesome that the only persons salvation we are in charge of is our own. What a blessing!! Another thing is that life is just much better when you are positive about things. It is also way better when you just put your whole heart into things. Like the language. I am rededicating myself to the language this week and I think me and Sister Hilton will rock the language together. Something I also learned this week is that your mission has eternal significance. It is not just right here right now but it will effect you in the eternities!! Same with life every moment counts so dance through the moments of life and enjoy them because the next step ahead is usually not easier it is usually harder. I am loving my mission. I am stoked for general conference. Words can not explain how much I love each one of you! Thank you for everything.

sister shaw

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