Tuesday, September 3, 2013

September 2, 2013

Kjære søsken!

Wow what a week. This week we had the opportunity to hear from Elder Kearon. He is a part of the 70 in Europe.  It was amazing so amazing it is difficult to describe in words. The spirit was so strong and I learned a lot. I learned a lot about how Heaven really will be like. It is just a lot happier than I thought. Christ is much more personal and caring then I think of Him to be. The whole point of our existence right now is to be happy to have joy. We are not supposed to be perfect we are not supposed to be robots but we are supposed to be happy. Heaven is happiness. I think a lot of the time I expect myself to be perfect to be absolutely perfect. That I forget to be happy just truly happy.  I learned that the gospel of Jesus Christ is happiness and in every thing we need to represent that. My companion and I have recently been asking people on the streets what gives you the most happiness. It has been really cool to here peoples reply and tie it into the gospel and show them how the gospel can just increase there happiness. 
I learned a lot about the point of our existence on this earth. The point of our existence is to meet God. This I always think of is a stressful thing, but it is not. How will we be prepared to live in a world that is happy, joyful, and loving if we are tearing ourselves down for everything we do everyday. Elder Kearon told us to just let go of the negative thoughts in our heads because they are all a bunch of rubbish. -he is British  Usually it is Satan trying to keep you from doing something your really good at and you have a God given gift and talent for it, but of course he doesnt want you to do it. Of course not because then you would be helping others to be happier. So ya right now I am working on trying to enjoy life more and not be a robot. It has been really good and I am getting better and better every day!

It has been a miracle week. We have been trying to work with members more now and we had the oppurtunity to go to the bishops daughters birthday party. It was amazing and we are meeting with 2 new people because of it! Also the cook there was gluten fri she gave me a glutenfri baketri I can go to and she made glutenfri cake and I had glutenfri pizza! The Lord is watching me! I feel so blessed. I can not go to the baketri they have bread and cakes and everything!  

Cool things that happened this week:
I got to meet a guard that was guarding the palace and I shook his hand. I found out afterwards it is illegal to talk to them. Oh well!
We got to go to a farm today and pet the cows!! It was so much fun!

I love my new district. We get stuff done.

I love my companion. 

This week as we were heading home from one of our investigators houses who wasnt home we met a lady who really needs the gospel. She is like the coolest lady in the world.

love you all!

søster shaw!

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