Monday, September 9, 2013

September 9, 2013 - Stor Uke! (Big Week!)

Kjære venner, (Dear friends)

This week is the best week of my whole life. I have never felt this much joy and happiness in my whole life.  It all began with two weeks age. Me and Elder Bird a traveling ap went contacting together. We found this girl named Karoline who seemed really cool and we scheduled an appointment with her. That day we had scheduled our appointment she didn't come and texted me that she was sick ( she had gotten sick from eating wheat!! she has celiac!! I share a lot of gluten free treats with her!!) so we rescheduled  for the next Monday which was this last Monday. During personal study I really pondered and prayed about what she needed to hear. I know she was not just a normal girl we would be teaching. Before the lesson she had told us that her friend in the USA had told her the day before she met me and elder bird while we were contacting  that she needed to talk to people who believed in God. She told us if her friend had not said that she would not have stopped and talked to us! We decided to teach her Alma 32 about how faith is like a seed. The lesson went great!!  Not only that but 6 months ago she decided to quit drinking alcohol also she believes in being modest and the of chastity. An hour later she texts me and tells me she read Alma 32 and that she understands it all! The lesson after that we taught her the plan of salvation. The lesson before we had given her a pamphlet and she read the whole thing! She pretty much explained the plan of salvation to us.  Her grandma had died but had left her a bible that was handed down from her great grandma and great great grandma. I told her It is like all of them are saying come with us come to heaven with us we all want to be there! It is just the coolest thing. She was very close with her grandma. We had invited her with a soft commitment to be baptized and told her to pray about it. Because me and my companion figured she is so golden that we want her to figure it all out herself. She came  with us to church on Sunday and after Relief Society tells us that she wants to be baptized! She chose September 28th because September 27th is the day her grandma was buried. Pretty much the happiness and joy I feel can not be explained. It is just the best feeling I have ever had in my entire life. We were talking about priesthood in relief society  and I was sitting next to Karoline and just kept thinking this priesthood, this power of God, is what will make this precious girl this dear friend sitting right next to me completely clean. It is the pure love and power of God and it was just magnificent it was glorious! it was herlig (lovely)!!!! I have never felt that power of the atonement outside of myself. I have never felt the power of the atonement for another. It was the  coolest feeling because I just felt overwhelming gratitude to my Savior. To give this beautiful girl a brand new chance to come back to Him and feel overwhelming love. 

This girl before we met her did not believe in God she is a normal Norwegian and she is the cutest girl in the whole world. 

Missionary work is just about planting seeds and nourishing them that is it!

Some cool things I learned this week from an institute teacher every child(investigator) is a seed it will grow itself but you just need to nurture it with the spirit. But there are a lot of other influences that can nurture the seed it you let the world nurture the seed it will not be what you want. 

Everything is given from the Lord You are never taking. Will you take a spouse or will you receive one?
The order of the priesthood is to receive all that the father hath. When you choose worldly things you are letting the world be your companion. When you choose spiritual things you let the Lord be your companion.

Also we have quit language class where we teach forevers Norwegian. Ever since then we have had 3 new normal Norwegians super interested in the gospel. It just stood out to me that you get what you expect! If you ask the Lord for foreigners he will give them to you but if you expect more He will give you equal to you expectations dream high!!!!

love you all!!
søster shaw 

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