Monday, August 26, 2013

August 26, 2013 - First week in Oslo

Dear Familie,

It has been an amazing faith filled week. I know these people are really prepared. Wow where do I even start?  This week I got transferred to Oslo. It is beautiful here just like Bergen! But it is a different kind of beauty! It is like old European city beauty mixed with a bit of new. My new companion is great! We work really well together !! But we are still getting used to our different kind of contacting styles. Her name is Sister Bradley.

The spirit is so strong and I have learned so much. In the mission I am considered the contacting demon! Even the aps have heard about my contacting skills. 

There are a lot more Norwegians who are open to talk to us here and it has been so cool to contact in this beautiful city. We went banking and we got 2 return backs with families who love there families so much and want to learn more about how they can be together forever! The miracles here so far have been so amazing. Sometimes I wish that you guys could just follow me and see all the miracles that happen.  We also are meeting with a lot of teenage Norwegians this week! I am remotivated in this new area and once I landed here in Oslo it felt like home. 

Funny stories:  we contacted this man and asked him if he believes in God he said no and then we asked him what does he believe in he said he believes in his dog who had died. I then proceeded to tell him that he could be with his dog forever. Long story short I couldn’t keep my face straight because I am testifying to this guy his dog is in heaven and he is going to meet his dog again. My companion had to take over. We got an appointment from him.  

We went to  a return back family and they were not home. We knocked on her door  and all these children were playing outside. They were not home and these kids ended up taking around to different peoples homes in the neighborhood and bonked on the doors for us! Out of the 4 houses we banked we got 2 appointments!.

Anyways we have had a lot of success here. I know this area is really inspired and there are many people to work with.  Many  faith spirit filled contacting sessions here!

Søster shaw

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