Monday, August 12, 2013

August 12, 2013 - In the Land of the Midnight Sun, We Never Stop Running

Dearest Family,

This week has been so powerful! We got 6 New investigators last week 2 of them are really normal Norwegians!! Knut and Kristin are there names.. Kristin has a Family and we taught her about forever families and she thinks the bible and book of Mormon are good "how to" books!! Which they totally are! Also knut is way cool and we had an extremely powerful lesson With him.  This week we are just focusing on keeping them investigators and turning them into investigators that gir fremgang. We have been working really hard.

During zone leader Conference this week. They went over the fact that as missionaries we are representing Christ. I had heard that before I received my Call and it hit me pretty hard. But this time is the first time that it hit me specifically applying to Norway. It hit me for the first time that as missionaries we are representing Christ in a land, to a People who do not know Him. They do not know of His love or they would be reaching out there hand. They do not know of His Grace and Divine Power. They need this powerful overwhelming love. For the first time it hit me that everyone we meet , it could be there only encounter With that opportunity to feel that Christlike  love. I know that through the Holy Ghost people can feel that and this New realization makes me just want to work that much harder so everyone here where ever I serve can feel His great all powerful love.

We have had significant miracles this week. I know that we are so literally preparing the way for Christ to come. I know it is Norway's time.

I have thought a lot about Elizabeth Bradshaw this week as I have been working and how strong she is. How she never gave up she is a powerful example for me and she along With come come ye Saints have been stuck in my head this entire week.

"The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting Our aim too high and in falling short but in setting Our aim too low and achieving the mark."
Michael Angelo

This week I listened to I believe in Christ. The question hit me I believe in Christ so what am I going to do about it because I believe?

Familie!!! I am so glad you all could have such an enjoyable time together it looks just fun!! I love you all!! I am so grateful that we are an eternal Family! I am glad that the Fathers plan is so real. I am so grateful for all Your guyss love I feel it so strongly and literally here! I am so Grateful for everything again I am Grateful we are an eternal Family that we do all love each other and that we have that beautiful blessing to look forward to. To spending eternity together!

søster shaw 

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