Monday, August 19, 2013

August 19, 2013 - Chloe's getting transferred from Bergen to Oslo

Dear famile,

This week has been incredible. On Saturday as we were getting to our center to prepare for our next lesson and my companion had an impression that we needed to talk to a normal looking Norwegian lady. We stopped and talked to her and we had a conversation about how the atonement can change her life. She cried and so we will see how it goes with her. Her name is anita but I will be leaving

We also met with three sweet Asian girls who are really open

Familie the love I am developing for these people and my companions is indescribable. 

We proselyte at a big pond and go contacting there we rarely go bonking. The language is coming along really well. I am really learning a lot that is kind of hard to explain. My testimony has really grown. Me and sister aasen have contacting times together where we go up and talk to people and I am on the edge of tears because the atonement is so real. People really need it. I really like contacting with sister aasen we push it to the edge where we can not do it with out the lords help and we always open people up by just listening to them and serving them. I am really going to miss sister aasen she has honestly become my best friend. I feel so comfortable with her. She truly is an example of Christ to me. I have gotten so close with her. We are so obedient also and we expect miracle.

fUNNY MOMENTS Last week I talked to someone on the bybanen for like 20 minutes about the difference in taste between french water and Norwegian water. It was probably the coolest conversation of my life.
Also I do not think I realized how Scandinavian we all look until we got here. Literally Bryce looks like he belongs in the streets of Norway. Same with Grace audrey and rose. Mom and kim you both look so Scandinavian and grandma. I also feel like I look so Scandinavian. It is so flott!!

Tell julie her letter was the sweetest and I am trying to write back but it might take like a couple of months.

 Mom I am going to oslo and I am stoked this is where my great great great grandma comes from. I just feel so much apprehension I know big things are going to happen. I feel so so at home here. The other day as we were wondering through the streets of beregen I just felt like my ancestors were totally with me. I know they care about these people and there descendants that have not accepted yet. I feel such a great joy in my soul about going to oslo it is hard to describe. I know it is where I am supposed to be.I knw the ward is big and there is a lot to work with. i am excited to get close with the young women. I am so excited to go to the exact same city where my ancestors came from. To look at the archaic buildings they have there and know that my ancestors were a part of that. It is so real. Eternal families are so real.
sister bradley will be my new companion. Bergen has been great.

søster shaw

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