Monday, July 1, 2013

June 24, 2013

Wow what a week!!! It has been a miracle week!!!! Two big miracles that happened this week. First miracle is I was getting my social security number for Norway the first week I got here and I sat and talked with this lady from South Africa. She told us that she was interested in going to our church just because it was in english. She told us she lived behind the church and that she would just come to church that next week. We had to go so we weren't able to get any of her contact information. That was that we didn't see her at all after that. Until this week we were going knocking around the church I had a distinct impression to go through a certain path that looked like it was just a running path not even a path that led to houses. I tole my companions we needed to go that way and the first door we knocked on was her house!!! We told her more about church and ended up giving her a book of Mormon in afrikansk. She is really not interested in the church at all but maybe one day she will be. She promised us she would read the book of Mormon so it could change her heart. It just was evident to me how much the Lord cares about each one of His children. Even if they wont become converted into His church He still wants to answer every one of there questions. The rest of the people in that area wouldn't even listen to us so it was quite obvious we were only there for her and to answer her questions. 

Also another miracle that happened this week is there was a former investigator that I called about two weeks ago who wouldn't get baptized because his wife didn't like the church. I called him and we set up an appointment to meet. All the while later that week my companions found his mom and wife and kids and asked if we could teach them.(I was on splits with a young women in the ward) We ended up meeting with them and committed the wife and grandma  to try and read the Book of Mormon. She was also willing to meet with us again!!! All the while we didn't know they were family. We met with the dad just by himself and found out we had been teaching his wife and kids and his mom!!! We have an appointment with them this week!! I think its their time to accept the gospel. I think the Lord knows there hearts are soft enough right now and allowed this miracle to occur!! 
This week has been a tough one but I can definitely tell how inspired by the Lord this work truly is. The miracles that have occurred are truly amazing!!!!

This week on Saturday was the longest day of the year!!! Did you know Norway celebrates that like crazy and we got to stay up until midnight!! It was so cool because it was like dawn at midnight!! We got to have a little fest!!
People in Norway like to wear tight pants and every the style for girls is to wear tight running pants shoes and like a rain jacket t is so cute!!  I am climbing a mountain today floya ya know the floybanen that the hailey devine went down in Bergen well ya were climbing up that mountain and going down that train today!! I cant send pictures here cus its the library and it doesn't work. I will really try to send pictures next week!! I took tons this last week and they are so absolutely gorgeous!! Love you all!!

Søster Shaw

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