Sunday, June 23, 2013

June 17, 2013


I am so good. This week has been a tough yet so rewarding week. We make our own food. There is plenty of gluten free stuff here so I usually have a sandwich for lunch and meatballs for dinner. I can't complain the meatballs here are so amazingly delicious it is insane. The chocolate is also so good it is insane!!! btws the chocolate I sent for dad has cool Norwegian stories on it. You guys can translate those. I am warm enough. The weather is a lot nicer now sunny all the time. It is about 70 to 80 degrees here. So it is absolutely perfect. Yes I have enough. 

Roger is good except we lost communication with him this week, but we found him at a bus stop. We were just going too fast with him we need to slow it down. He got a bit scared I think. He still believes the BOM is true. I just think it will be a little later when he gets baptized. Which is great. He was going to get baptized this Saturday. But that won't happen anymore. Yes I am on the bus most of the time. 

Alright I will tell you guys more about about Bergen. btws Bergen has a super strong dialect and yesterday I showed a girl in the ward my Bergen dialect and she said I was the best missionary so far at it!! That was a good language boost!!

But Bergen. There are 7 mountains all around with a little wharf. The center of the city is a park with a huge pond. Around the ponsd are a lot of newer buildings but as you go through more of the little cobble street roads you can see churches built in 1717 and more of the old style architecture. That is beautiful. The nature here is absolutely gorgeous. There are old buildings everywhere. Most of the houses here are white with red roofs. The cobble street roads are everywhere. I really like when we go out to members houses and see the fjords because the water here is so clean that all the fjords and houses reflect on the water. I pretty much feel like I am in a dream all the time. It is so beautiful. Bergen is the second biggest city in a ll o fNorway. But it is still pretty small. They have flowers averywhere!! Let me know what else you want to know about!!

love you all
søster shaw

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