Monday, July 29, 2013

July 29, 2013

Dear familie!!

This week has been really great!! Me and all my companions are staying in Bergen!! We are the last trio standing. I think it is because we work well together and all get along!! This week we visited a lot of inactive single adults because it is the crisis  right now in the Bergen ward. It was really great we got to go all around Bergen and got contact with a lot of them!

Susanne the 14 yr old is going to Morrocco for a month and so the next missionaries after us will probably visit her. But it is really sad because I loved her so much and now she is going to be gone! The 3 girls we have lost contact with they were super positive but are not so positive anymore.

The romanian is in sweden beacue he has a job there. He is going really good but we are probably going to have to move his date back a little bit.

We have a new investigator eucon form the states. He is really positive we asked him to get baptized but doesnt want to yet because he wants to know more about the church.

My apartment is in a newer part of Norway. It is a pretty basic yellow house and is called the mansion by the other sisters because it is really big!!! I have been trying a lot of norwegian foods!! fiskekaker which is like fish cakes . The cobble stone streets are mostly in the city. 

My companion when she leaves is alone. 

love you all 
søster Chloe shaw

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