Monday, July 8, 2013

July 8, 2013

Ok so many things happened this week it has truly been a remarkable week!!!!.
1 I recieved a package from my amazing family!!! 
2 We have 2 yes 2 baptismal dates this week!
3 We met 3 girls who are 18  are super normal and are super interested in hearing the gospel!!!!

We have two baptismal dates this week.
Both of these people are ready and prepared and just fell into our laps. It is amazing the Lord has entrusted us with this special work. These investigators mean so much me and I have grown really attached to them. Please pray for these people to have angels around them as I do every day. They are amazing. 

Last week while our trainer was gone we contacted these 2 girls both 18 both really normal. Me and my companion thought they would say nie takk and leave  but they didn't. It turns out they are looking for the true church. We taught them this week while my trainer was gone and they brought a friend who is also super interested in the gospel. These girls are amazing they have questions like How can I get closer to God? What is the Holy Ghost and so forth. Teaching them was just another testament to me of how this is truly the Lords work. Literally the lesson we taught them was horrible. It was all over the place they had many questions that were not answered. But the spirit there was so powerful it was insane. They were all excited to receive a new Book of Mormon. There names are Rebecca Christina and Marte. .


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