Wednesday, November 5, 2014

October 27, 2014 - Among Men we are Glorified

Life could just not be better.

This week we experienced the worst weather I have ever experienced. We had to walk a mile in it to get to a very sweet lady named Y. As we were walking and we couldn't even walk anymore because the wind was so strong and we had to hold on to the iron bridge. I realized just how far Christ is willing to go to show us His love for us. I know that Christ is ever aware awake and present in the storms of our lives and He will walk miles in the storms of our hearts to find us rescue us and bring us home. I love my brother. 

When you break an egg from the outside then you are ending a life. If it is broken from the inside then it is the beginning of life. Don't let circumstances break you from the outside. But bring life from the inside. Christ gives us the ultimate life and when we rely on Him then can we bring an abundance of life. 

Some things I learned this week. 

You can go anywhere to find information, you can only go to God to find truth. 

Be confident in your desires. 

have a great week!

This week I am excited to see this kid EIRIK get baptized in a fjord! I am excited to hit it up in trondheim and to roam the streets with this cool lady named sister heywood She is so great!!!!

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