Monday, November 10, 2014

November 10, 2014 - The Sun Begins to Set, to Come to a New Dawn


Where do I even begin?

The journey has been incredible. The ride fantastic and the memories never forgotten. I just feel so satisfied with my mission. I feel satisfied with who I have become. I know God has been with us. I have seen God's hand and incredible miracles. I have learned. I know I am an agent. I am needed and wanted and loved. I am a vital servant. 

I have loved my time. I have loved the people. I have loved this gorgeous country. I have gotten to know God and I feel so satisfied and unbelievably joyful. The atonement is there; it changes, it cleanses, it allows me to become. 

I have learned to just be me. 

To leave this place will be excruciating but I know God will carry me. 

Me and Sister H created a title of liberty or how we feel as missionaries

Ålesunds title of liberty
We are disciples of Jesus Christ  as we lean on Gods presence nothing is impossible. We will show dilligence unto the end. Our sufferings are not comparable to the glory we have been promised. We will cast out our fear with perfect love. Those that war against us  are nothing. We will fear not for the Lord our God will be in our midst. He will not leave us comfortless. He will come to us. Whatsoever we ask in the name of of our Savior will be given.  As Christ walks  with us we will help others walk with Him.  Now we carry the light of Christ in us. The darkness has begun to lift and the light is filling the city. We are missionaries from the church of Jesus Christ  and our banner is clear. 

Miracles: my mission has been a miracle

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