Monday, August 4, 2014

August 4, 2014 - Among Men Picking Berries

This week has been amazing!!! . The cat story I told you all about led us to finding a new investigator, who ended up bringing a friend and now they are both planning on getting baptized on august 30th. I know that miracles are real and God puts cats in trees  to ultimately bring his children back to him. We have been eating a lot of berries and seeing a lot of slugs. There was a slug curled up attached to the top part of the stem of a weed. It was so gross!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I died. 

We also had the opportunity to come in contact with a hedge hog that crossed our path. It was so cute!!! It drank water and its little eyes were just the cutest in the entire world!!! Not only that but the cute hedge hog allowed us to be in the best mood when we taught our investigator. We have been really busy changing this branch into a ward, but still enjoying the time to enjoy the roses. I love my mission!!!!! I love this island. I love God and the many miracles he have worked while we have been here. We have found so many prepared people and most of the time it is because we do simple things like pick berries or save cats. I know that doing what we want to do is what God wants us to do and God truly wants us to feel joy and enjoy the magnifiscent places we are at in life. 

We also had the opportunity to eat fresh crab and it was so good!

We work really hard and I love sister Hornback! She is a great companion. We are a geat team. 

have a great week everyone. 

sister shaw

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