Monday, August 4, 2014

July 28, 2014 - Among Men Saving Cats

the funny story of the week.....sister hornback wrote it.

"Once upon a time we were on our way to visit a member. We had been walking/contacting on our way to her appartment and had just arrived about 10 minutes early when we heard some distressed sounding meowing. We looked around for the source and eventually discovered that the meowing was coming from a frightened looking cat who seemed to be stuck in the high branches of a nearby tree. Being the heroic missionaries we are, we immediately dropped our bags and set about trying to figure out a way to rescue the poor creature. We considered having Sister Shaw sit on my shoulders and try to grab the cat, but we thought that might not be such a lady-like thing to do in a skirt (and we're both pretty short, so it probably wouldnt have been so effective anyway.). Climbing was also not an option, at least for the human species, so we resorted to trying to coax the cat down with soothing utterances of ''Kom ned katt!'' or in other words, ''Come down cat!'' And the cat must have recognized us as dedicated servants of God because it started making it's way down! When it got to the lowest branches Sister Shaw stood directly under the cat and reached her arms up in a beckoning manner. And then, as if in slow motion, this trusting cat leaped gracefully from the lower branches of the tree directly into the outstretched arms of Sister Shaw. We looked at eachother, realizing we had accomplished our endeavor, and then proceeded to laugh uncontrollaby for the next 5 minutes straight. It was by far the best thing that's ever happened on my mission (besides all the ''bringing people closer to Christ'' things.)."

other events of the week......This week was really amazing. We met some really cool people. One of which is from the phillipines and she started crying because she wanted to feel the love of God more in her life. That was a very neat experience. I have felt the spirit so strong here. Me and sister hornback are perfect companions. We work really hard but still find time to pick berries along the way. 

We also took the bus to meet this muslim man and then he didn't show. We started walking back and met this super legit girl. I mean so legit we taught her and the spirit was so strong. I am loving this place and I know the Lord is here. I also have been doing an activity where i think of all the reasons why god is grateful for me and the things I did that day. Maybe that sounds selfish but it is helping me to learn how much I mean to the Lord and to also be more grateful for those around me

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