Tuesday, January 7, 2014

January 7, 2014

This week was great! We had new years and the fireworks here are crazy!! They are way better than the fourth of july. It is awesome here and I am really grateful for the amazing lessons I am learning as a missionary here in Norway. I love my mission and I am grateful for all the lessons the Lord is teaching me.

Side note: An old Norwegian man just asked me if I had been a secretary before because I type so fast. that made me feel super good because I am the worst typer in the world.

G is still sick. It is very sad. But she is still interested in the church and that says a lot. We really think she will get baptized and she is super awesome!! We will meet with her this week.

The ward is really progressing towards missionary work. Everyone is helping us out more as missionaries and it is super helpful.

I still love my awesome companion Sister R and she has helped me a lot personally. She is awesome and just cares about others a lot and truly cares about me. I am very grateful for her example I love her.

Have a good week!

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