Monday, January 20, 2014

January 20, 2014

Wow what a week. This week was packed full of lesson after lesson. It was so amazing and so busy. Lots of people learning about the love of God what else can be better than that?

Miracles.....this week as we were going to an appointment we decided to drop into a potential that we had banked on and visited many times. He wasnt that positive so I really do not understand why we kept on going back. But he believes in the Nordic Gods and that to go to heaven he must die in battle. It was super cool. He came out and told us about how uninterested he was. We just kept on talking to him and asking about his beliefs and stuff. He eventually told us that he had ordered a book of mormon and was going to read it. Both pof us were like what? How did this happen. He also wanted us to come back and talk to him. I know that looking up and giving out cards really does make a difference and nothing goes to waste.

Spiritual thought. This week our investigator H somehow brought up the subject about the israelites making the journey to the promised land she talked about how blessed they were to recieve manna and doves but yet they still complained. That story hit me personally. I began thinking about me life. With the israelites they had to make the journey to the promised land or they would not be saved spiritually or physically. The Lord knew this and just told them sorry guys but you got to cross this land. The Father knew it would be a challenfge but they have to make the journey. But what God did do is that he did everythhing in his power to make it easier for them he sent them food water and protected them every step of the way. But when he sent food they complained, every time the Lord sent something to make the journey easier they complained about wha he sent.  For me personally the snow is really hard to deal with it is really cold and I am just not used to it. But as I was thinking about it the Lord has done everything he can to make the journey easier. He has put me to the south of Norway. He has put us in a car area. And He has made the winter easier by the fact that it came so late. He knew that I personally have to make the journey to be a missionary in Norway for eternal salvation and salvation of others. I think most of our trials in life are like that. They will be tough and hard but I learned I need to personally look for the manna sent from above and thank the Lord for lightening my burden. I have leanred a lot about gratitude this week.

Speaking of gratitiude I am grateful I can serve the Lord every day I am grateful I have the oppurtunity to be a part from the world and learn and grow. I am grateful for the Lord. I am grateful for my unbelievably awesome companion Sister R who is so sweet and kind and merciful. I am grateful for her example and all that she has taught me. I am grateful for the beautiful land of Norway and all the great people here. 
love you all

Gud lever. 
søster shaw

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